Deep Neural Networks - Reading Group

We meet for one hour every other Thursday at 1:00 pm in meeting room 6 (AS6 #05-10)
Head over to learn all about deep learning, theory and practical applications!

23 April 2015IlijaDeep Learning for NLP (without Magic)link
7 May 2015ShawnTheano and NN for slides
21 May 2015SouvikRestricted Boltzmann Machines (RBM) and how they are used for pre-traininglink
4 June 2015WenyaRecursive Neural Networks for NLPlink
18 June 2015NullCancelled due to vacationlink
2 July 2015BenjaminCapturing Semantics with Word Embeddingslink slides
16 July 2015NullCancelled due to vacation
15 October 2015Ilija & SamarthReinforcement learning with deep neural nets
29 October 2015 (1pm)MuthuRecurrent Convolutional Neural Networks for Discourse Compositionalitylink
26 November 2015AllTensorFlow Discussionlink
3 December 2015TBDTBD

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